Our Research Partners

Our partners have conducted in-depth research which proves effectiveness of our products. Our neuromodulation technology is backed by third-party clinical studies led by world-renown research institutions.

Active Clinical Trials

Wave Neuro's active clinical trials

sTMS for Substance Use-disordered Veterans

VA Office of Research and Development - The goal of this proposal is to evaluate preliminary participant response to a pilot, controlled, feasibility study to evaluate changes in craving, substance use, and quality of life after 6 weeks of a low-risk non-invasive brain stimulation technique, called Synchronized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (sTMS), compared to sham, in Veterans with a substance use disorder (SUD).

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Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of MeRT Treatment in Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms (PPCS)

MeRT-TBI-005 is a prospective, double blind, randomized, sham-controlled, parallel group, adaptive clinical trial designed to evaluate the efficacy of EEG/EKG-guided MeRT in active duty military service men and women, reservists on active duty orders, and military retirees with Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms (PPCS) and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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