Wave Neuroscience Acquires Assets of NeoSync

“We are very excited to add NeoSync’s complementary IP and products to our rapidly growing suite of technologies,” said Fred Walke, CEO of Wave. “This acquisition further exemplifies our commitment to creating and optimizing what others are now realizing is possible: targeted and personalized neuromodulation that honors an individual’s unique physiology more closely than the one-size-fits-all approach commonly used today. We find especially compelling the fact that the NEST® is designed for eventual home-use. Once commercially available, the NEST® will provide wide accessibility to this groundbreaking treatment, improving the quality of life for many.”

Kate Rumrill, NeoSync’s president and CEO said, “We are pleased Wave is taking over the stewardship of the NeoSync technology assets and heartened by its commitment to maximize the tremendous potential of the NEST® system. We look forward to seeing the technology reaching its full capabilities, providing broader access to patients in need.”

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