Wave @ SXSW 2023


In March of 2023 Wave was presented with the opportunity to put together a panel discussion at the annual South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. In front of a packed house Dr. Won dove into the potential for Wave's brain data technology while Dr. Williams and Nick gave their first hand accounts of their experience with our game-changing technology.

Dr. Won contextualized the conversation by giving the audience a broad understanding of the different types of brainwaves and how Wave's brain health assessment tools including the EEG and Braincare reports can help direct treatment protocols specific to an individuals unique brainwave patterns. Erik made a point to focus for some time on the acceleration of technology, and how the evolution of EEG technology has allowed Wave to assess brain function in a matter of minutes using their robust platform. 

"We perceived there was a gap in being able to quantify and measure our brain health. So we now have a neuro imaging capability we call Quantitative Electroencephalogram (EEG)...and we can now get electro-physiologic pictures of the brain in 5 to 10 minutes." - Dr. Erik Won

Dr. Williams' was then given the opportunity to recount his experience using our technology in his sports neurology practice. He has found value in Wave's tech not only with those who have suffered neuro-cognitive injuries, but also for those looking to gain an edge over the competition. Vernon's also made note how the ability to not only assess one's current brain function but the capability to intervene and organize their brainwave patterns in an effort to improve their brain function has changed the landscape in neurology. 

"Increasingly there is a 3rd group of individuals that I have been fortunate enough to work with...these are the people who are just trying to optimize. They are trying to be better than well, they are trying to improve their function even though they've never had any injury or specific diagnosis." - Dr. Vernon Williams

As the discussion progressed, Nick drew the crowd in with his personal journey to brain health. Nick's story recalls a time in his life where 11 years of playing a center in the NFL was starting to take a toll on his mental state and how his encounter with our technology helped reshape his life experience. Nick made clear his vision to help spread the word about treatments that are available for anyone looking to recover from a lifetime of contact sports. Nick's passion in full body health is infectious and was well received from the crowd. 

"...what I gained from it was my cognitive function came back, my memory came back, but more importantly I was able to go back out into society again..." -Nick Hardwick

Overall, the panel discussion provided attendees valuable insights into the potential applications of Wave Neuro's technology for both recovery and performance of the brain and we look forward to next year's activation to continue our mission of spreading Braincare to the world!

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