Electrical Brain Stimulation to treat PTSD, other health conditions could be on the Missouri horizon.

Using electric pulses on the brain is a treatment for people battling certain health conditions. The Missouri Legislature is being asked to create a test program for some first responders, law enforcement officers, and veterans to use electroencephalogram combined transcranial magnetic stimulation for mental disorders, substance misuse, and brain injuries.

State Sen. Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring, is sponsoring the bill. He’s a U.S. Air Force veteran.

“We are always on the lookout for new medical treatments that can help these veterans, these first responders, deal with and heal from the trauma that they’ve experienced through PTSD and other effects,” said Eigel. “Electrical pulses that are sent to the brain – it’s painless. It’s easy and it has shown, when it’s been used in other states, to produce very positive results in patients that are suffering from these effects.”

Under Eigel’s bill, Missouri would set up a fund to offer this treatment.

“It’s not banned in Missouri,” said Eigel. “However, there’s not a space for it to be approved through as an approved, effective means of medical treatment for taxpayer dollars to be spent. So that’s why we’re creating the pilot program in the first place is to, you know, test the procedure, take a look at what the results could be for people to help people actually in our state.”

The clock is ticking. Since the legislative session is scheduled to end Friday, the bill could be added to another one that is closer to passing this session.

To view Senate Bill 654, click here.

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